With four decades of experience under his belt, Vittorio Sacco has been acknowledged as one of the great tabletop directors of our time. He has the unique ability to breathe new life into products while solving technical problems through his masterful work for numerous international brands on both sides of the Atlantic. Having substantially learned his craft from legends like Lester Bookbinder and years of print work, he is a pivotal figure in the continuing legacy of the Brodovitch dictum, “astonish me!” which he does regularly with liquids and sensual materials of all kinds. He brings a depth of technical skill and a breadth of experience that remains unsurpassed in the industry. 

Vittrorio Sacco Films is his brainchild and production house where he continues to invent new ways to produce seductive, mouth-watering imagery with the unabashed eagerness of a child tearing open a birthday present. A good tabletop director must come equipped with an earnest curiosity to be able to grasp the essence of a product, and more importantly, convey this idea in a powerful way. Sacco is one of those artists who can make food into poetry. His spots explode with flavor and invoke a desire to reach into the screen and indulge.